How I Got Here

It took me 5 tries before I figured it out. I like people, I like complex problems, I like being helpful.  From Music, Law, Education, Organisational Psychology to finally settling on my final degree – a Masters in Clinical Psychology.  

It took me a few job roles to get to this point.  I started out in Consulting and Organisational Psychology work and worked internationally.  I was interested in startup situations and tinkered with new innovations looking to help people work out their career fit, and to optimise their talent capital to bring out the best in the work

It took me some soul searching to leave it all behind…

No sooner had I taken the path of accelerated professional growth with regional responsibilities in training and customised Human Resources talent development solutions, when I felt an emptiness.  I was helping organisations to optimise their human resources capital, but I could not stop thinking about the individuals I was meeting.

They had families. They had aspirations. They were people beyond the job.  I was interested in that. I was drawn into their worlds and their complex situations.  I wanted to be a part of their journey to growth and development.

So I pursued post graduate training and became a qualified Clinical Psychologist – with practice international, public and private health experience.

I have worked in private practice seeing a range of Clinical clients.  I built a private practice and was joined by other Psychologists.  Then I was a Business Owner, Clinic Director and Psychology Board of Australia Supervisor for early career Psychologists.

I currently lead 3 businesses that turnover 7 figures combined.  I am released out of my psychology practice to now help other healthcare professionals and private practice owners to achieve profitable, purposeful, burnout proof organisations so that we can continue to serve our communities.  


Burnout Prevention

They say life is a journey. It’s also a marathon.  You have to be resourced, prepared, coached in the evidence of performance AND rest to go the distance.  You have to know when to pull back, when to push through, always to seek help.  These days I spend most of my working and therapeutic focus in applying my skills, passion, and inclinations towards Burnout Prevention.  From speaking, writing, treating clients who are burnt out to establishing upstream burnout prevention programmes, my quest is to see…

A World Without Burnout