My Private Practice Leadership Story

Growing up in Asia, I faced challenges due to my outspoken nature and innovative mindset. As a left-handed child, I struggled to keep my writing neat and was often told I was messy. Teachers even refused to teach my class because I was in it. However, when I moved to Australia and started high school, my English teachers recognized my original thinking and encouraged me to speak out. By my mid-high school years, my original thoughts, strong advocacy voice, and determination to lead others towards brighter days meant I was frequently selected for leadership positions in school.

From this experience, I saw that leadership was as much about being given the confidence to lead as it was about having champions who gave me the space to develop and grow my voice. I realized that inspiration and influence were things that I could pass on not only to my peers but to anyone who was looking for hope. My graduation speech in year 12, where I spoke about investing in learning more and giving more to those who were not as fortunate as us, was met with tears from the teachers on the stage. At that moment, I discovered that my gifts of leadership and influence would find a home in empowering people to work through complex life and mental health histories.

As a clinical psychologist, I noticed how there were a range of leaders who themselves were serving and giving to the point of burnout. My interest in burnout prevention and treatment pushed me further into the organizational psychology world, where I spent a great deal of time working out how to combine my interests and experience in clinical psychology with the workplace dynamics in organizations. To do this, I had to replicate myself as I could not straddle all these spheres myself. I recruited and trained other psychologists so they would be able to deliver our services. This was my lightbulb moment #1 in my transition from psychologist to business owner.

The transition from being a psychologist to a business owner was not easy for me. As a psychologist, I was passionate about helping others and creating positive change in their lives. However, as a business owner, I struggled with managing the needs of the business. I didn’t know how to lead others effectively, and I found myself constantly on call for team and client issues, which left me feeling trapped.

To make matters worse, I was not earning a proper wage, and the increasing costs of running the business made it even more difficult to balance my personal and professional life. I couldn’t even take leave as my income was heavily supporting the business. This was a huge struggle for me, as I wanted to free others from burnout, and spend more time with my young family.

However, this struggle became my lightbulb moment #2. I realized that I needed to change my approach to the business if I was going to achieve my vision and mission. I needed to become a better leader, learn how to manage the business effectively, and empower my team to take on more responsibilities.

I invested in business coaching and training, and started to develop my leadership skills. I learned how to delegate tasks effectively and empower my team members to take ownership of their roles. I also implemented systems and processes to manage the business more efficiently, which allowed me to take time off and spend more quality time with my family.

Through this experience, I learned the importance of investing in myself and my business. I learned that being a successful business owner requires more than just being passionate about your work. It requires strong leadership skills, effective management, and a commitment to personal growth and development.

Today, I am proud to say that my business is thriving, and I am able to help more people than ever before. I am passionate about empowering leaders to create positive change in their organizations and their communities. And, I am grateful for the struggles that I faced along the way, as they taught me valuable lessons and helped me become a better business owner and leader.

My vision is to help leaders become value-driven in their leadership style, empower their team, and cultivate a thriving and meaningful culture within their organization. I believe that when leaders operate from a place of authenticity and compassion, they can create a positive ripple effect that extends beyond the workplace and into the community. I see my role as a catalyst for change in the way that organizations approach leadership, mental health, and wellbeing. I aim to build a community of leaders who are not only successful in their businesses but who are also able to make a positive impact in the lives of their team members and their community.

My mission is to provide private practice owners with the tools and support they need to become value-driven leaders who can optimize their team performance, maximize their profits, and foster a meaningful culture. I aim to achieve this mission by offering coaching and consulting services that are tailored to the unique needs of each organization. My coaching style is collaborative and focused on empowering leaders to unlock their potential and create positive change in their organizations.

Burnout Prevention

As a ministry wife, Clinical Psychologist, mother  and business owner, I know firsthand the challenges that come with balancing personal and professional responsibilities.

It was not that long ago that I myself experienced burnout. I was living overseas, juggling work, parenting and church responsibilities.  I had no realisation that I was not doing well.  It was friends and family who finally plucked up the courage to tell me that they were very worried about me.  It took me some soul searching and a deep dose of rest to get to the point of recovery.  No sooner had I come out of my burnout fog, when I started to see it in other people.  Friends.  Family. Clients.  They had families. They had aspirations. They were people beyond the job.  I was interested in that. I was drawn into their worlds and their complex situations.  I wanted to be a part of their journey to recovery.

I currently lead 3 businesses that support my vision of A World without Bunrout.  I am released out of my psychology practice to now to serve other leaders like myself who are struggling to do it all.



They say life is a journey. It’s also a marathon.  You have to be resourced, prepared, coached in the evidence of performance AND rest to go the distance.  You have to know when to pull back, when to push through, always to seek help.  These days I spend most of my working and therapeutic focus in applying my skills, passion, and inclinations towards Burnout Prevention.  From speaking, writing, treating clients who are burnt out to establishing upstream burnout prevention programmes, my quest is to see…

A World Without Burnout