Valerie Ling

Clinical Psychologist Pennant Hills, Hornsby and Hills District


Dear Friend,

For that is what you are! As a small business owner you and I are definitely friends because we know what it means to make things work for our business like nobody else can. Few will understand what it takes. Few will empathise.

My first ever job was in a start-up. I loved everything I learnt there. However I really did not know the value of my boss, what he was trying to achieve or how his management of me was a direct result of being a small business owner. I loved that experience so much that I found myself in a second start-up job right after. This time it was in a boutique consulting firm with international offices. They were planting a start-up enterprise and I was part of the first team to work on the business and in the business. It was there that I learnt about organisation structure, frameworks, culture, communication and ultimately how to work in a small business effectively.

The thing is - it's a lot harder to pass on this stuff to your own team in the heat of a moment and when an issue arises. As a small business owner you wear multiple hats and some of these hats interfere with the ability of your team to take on board what you are saying.

So I have done the work for you! Align By Design is made to be an easy way to have these 5 conversations .... and you get to keep the material FOREVER and use with as many team members as you want ...FOREVER!

As a burnout prevention coach I know that Small Business Owners are at the forefront of burnout. EMOTIONAL EXHAUSTION from managing a team is real. With Align By Design I have done the work for you to significantly reduce this by having these conversations right up, straight up.

What are these 5 pivotal conversations?

Business 101:  We look at what does it mean to be in a small business environment, the gains and growth that can set you up for future success. We look together at the main principles and dynamics you are likely to see and experience, and normalise this to being part of the small business journey. We unpack the words profit, cash flow, income, expenditure in a way that helps normalise what can often be seen as the offensive or poorly understood elements of a small business environment.

Culture 101: Culture needs to be understood as dynamic and growing. It is about bringing our special flavour into the team, appreciating the balance and time it takes to collaboratively create positive culture.  We look at how we can mistakenly tune into the "bad" bacteria of a small business environment while missing out on all the good stuff - simply because we don't understand or readily identify it in a small business environment.

Connections 101: In a small business environment, relationships are dynamic! They move in flow with the directions and shifts of the business. Sometimes this can seem loud, conflicting, grating.  Equally - they can be exciting, stimulating and energising.  Understanding how we can manage conflict and communication in a small business is what this is all about.

Winsome Resilience: How do we negotiate, collaborate and build together? By focussing on how we can be winsome, not only to our clients, but to our small business owner and the executive and administrative team.  What does a professional and mature team look like? How do we bring our best and BE OUR best.

Growth Mindset: Beyond competence, there is increasing value in having a growth mindset, an attitude of life long learning, and intellectual and professional humility.  This is ever more the case in a small business environment where you will have the opportunity to expand your skillset in ways and at a pace you could not in a larger organisation.  It will take a growth mindset - and we unpack what this looks like in a small business environment.

YOUR Material and nutted down scripts and frameworks for these conversations AND your team member's easily digestable, non-threatening version for them to get on the same page as you. 

That is 10 done it for you VIDEOS

AND 5 Nutted Down Conversations for you to keep track of

AND 5 templated scripts for you to use with your team

This will save you hours of back tracking conversations and easily replace it with GO TO phrases and frameworks that you revisit as needed.

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