Communication and Alignment

Posted by Valerie Ling on October 13, 2019 at 11:40 PM

How hard can it be to get open communication and alignment in a small business? Very.

Some of the costs are:

- Team friction

- Erosion of small business owner and team trust

- Time and money wasted on having repair conversations

- Regret that all this could have been avoided earlier on in the piece.

Have you been on a big liner cruise? I have. You don’t really feel any movements that come from the waves. You have no idea what the engine looks like. You assume that walking from point A to point B of that ship will not lead to any instability. When there is a storm - you ask whether everything is ok, get your positive answer and carry on. You might even make extra requests for blankets and pillows so you can have a good sleep. Now. Swap over to a small oar-driven boat. Been on them? I have. Every person has a job. You cannot move from one end of the boat to another without causing the whole vessel to be vulnerable and impact the rest of the passengers. When the storm comes, everyone buckles down, and we all row. If someone makes a request to stop, adjust, change oars - well, that may not happen!

So it is when we take on team members as a small business owner. Especially if they have not worked in, or been exposed to the back scene reality of what makes a small business run with united success, innovation and synergy. One of the fit and alignment conversations that I have with new recruits into our business, is what they can expect of working in a small business with me at the helm. Generally this means getting used to CHANGE.

In a small business, CHANGE is NORMAL. Normalising this, getting feedback, having open communication about the impact and direction of changes is all part and parcel of a small business environment. It might be worth having a conversation with your team about their understanding of what it means to be in a small business. If this is something that you find difficult to do, then let me do the work for you.

Every week, for 5 weeks, from the 7th of November 2019 I will provide you with templates and visual material for both you and your team to align your perspective. It’s a DONE FOR YOU RESOURCE called ALIGN BY DESIGN. What you get:

+ 5 conversation templates for you as the business owner to have with your team

+ 5 videos and processing material for you to get comfortable and confident with these conversations AND

+ 5 videos and communication prompts for your team members to view and align their thinking with yours

+++ LIFE TIME OWNERSHIP, never have to renew - it will always be available

Modules will start to be available from the 7th of November, one conversation released each week. You can start to access the conversations relevant to you, or use them all! Your choice, there is no EXPIRY date.

How can you be part of this conversation revolution? Click here for more details…

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