I Need The Idiots Guide!

Posted by Valerie Ling on October 28, 2019 at 3:15 AM
"I need the idiots guide!"
In my team, this means I am in execution mode, I do not have the capacity to deal with the details, I just need the blow by blow account of what I need to do. It's a phrase I use as a shortcut and it's caught by my beloved Assistants (I have 2, I NEED 2) who know that means I am requiring their strengths in detail and logistics. It means I also have absolute trust to take direction from them and accept their influence. It means they have trust that it will be caught in the right spirit. I was pleasantly surprised when my personal assistant actually headed the email with "Your Idiot's Guide to Your Meeting". Loved this. Loved the candor. Loved the willingness to catch my words and take it seriously. Loved the confidence. Loved the synergy. Loved the team work, The picture you see before you also brought a smile to my face. It was my team member knowing how botched up I make all her wonderful Canva designs, and decided to tell me what to do - straight up. Love this.
You can bet that conversations that come out of this space are straight up, clear, compelling and yet collegial. They come from having alignment conversations where trust and respect grows. In a small business environment you need this. Why don't you let me hand you the Idiot's Guide to having 5 alignment conversations with your team. Straight up - done for you to get the picture right about what a small business team looks like when it is running in high performance alignment.

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