When's Your Holiday?

Posted by Valerie Ling on November 11, 2019 at 12:30 AM

Of all the things I get asked, today I was asked this lovely question by a friend, "When's your holiday?" You can imagine that in our household, quite a bit of intentional thinking goes into it. Actually there are 2 main All-Stop rests we try to book in advance. The first is a personal retreat and the second is the annual vacation. It was so nice to have this question asked, I believe not just for curiosity sake, also as a genuine reminder between friends to rest.


If you have not already done this, consider placing some thinking and planning now for when you are going to take your holidays next year. Leaving it till when you feel hurried and frazzled may mean that you miss out on pacing yourself and having intentional thought as to when you are going to need that recharge.


Try this out:


1. Find the spot in your 2020 diary that you are going to best be able to take some complete time off - no phones, email or work stuff hanging around you. Head for a really mindful time of rest. Perhaps this could be right after a pretty full on season, or just before one.


2. Consider some shorter 'reflect and recharge' times for a mid-season break. Try a personal retreat - take yourself somewhere nourishing that you can have a couple of responsibility free time. In earlier years with young kids in tow, I just did this at home - and did nothing other than read, sleep and order takeout (or make some frozen meals in advance).


3. Place these in your calendar already - and let them be a reminder that a break is coming, so your body and mind start to feel the encouragement relief that is coming.


Then... enjoy the feeling that you have honoured the natural need for rest and recovery!




P.S., See below for my latest vlog on dismantling burnout!

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