Posted by Valerie Ling on November 25, 2019 at 9:15 PM


It really won't kill us...


I was tagged in a post asking me what I thought about a fairly comprehensive article looking at the simple acts of connection and kindness and the research that shows through all of our human spaces, family, friendships, work and well being - human connection and kindness is such a powerful antidote.


My first reaction was to wonder why we needed research to show us this. My second was to be thankful that people continue to study the very things that make us human and humane.


How much does history remind us of our propensity towards cruelty and forgetfulness. We must not forget. We must also continue to elucidate how small acts of generous consideration can lead to shifts in our well being


So tell me .... what small acts of kindness have you experienced lately?




P.s., My last videos in my latest burnout series are out! Check it out below!

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