Freedom comes in many ways

Posted by Valerie Ling on February 22, 2020 at 10:50 PM

Going through my Sunday, I am aware of feeling a kind of fatigue. My body is asking me to rest up today, and my mind is asking for a break from the details of moving house, managing the gremlins in the practice and keeping up to date with the home-school routines (another note????) . I am aware of a few small shifts I have made today, and I wanted to share with you...


Sunday is a day of church for us, and I chose to sit in a section that was totally different today. I met and spoke with someone at length today I would not normally speak to. Which led to walking through to the morning tea section and giving a 16 year old a lift. I really enjoyed my diverse conversations today, and I am glad I had the courage to sit somewhere different! Point #1 - changing things up a little can be refreshing


I normally do the groceries on a Sunday. Generally I would do an online shop and just drive through and pick it up. On a Sunday I have a favourite spot, where I feel relatively anonymous, and like to wander through a variety store, pick up a coffee, grab the groceries and head home. Today I just felt like I had done so much online stuff in the week, I wanted to do the shopping old school. It felt a bit inefficient and out of routine - but I decided that I would pair it with something I have been doing the last few days - enjoying music time. So groceries with the music in my ears. No conversation.


I traded lunch for a nap! I still ate, but at the shops. I was rewarded by the observation that when I am not in the lunch scene the other members of the family actually have a chatty lunch and I enjoyed listening to this while I dozed.


Finally - I am about to head into the kitchen to do something that I totally love. It starts with the words "I have a vision...." I have many visions, and they are fraught with self doubt, anxiety, guilt and profound sense of vulnerability. The vision I can execute with relative ease and enjoyment, and a wicked sense of rebellion is baking a cake with NO recipe and NO measurement. I simply bake exactly what is on my taste bud desire and in quantities I totally make up on my own. And I don't really mind how it turns out because the whole thing is CREATIVE, INTUITIVE, PLAYFUL and INDEPENDENT. Can you hear the sound of freedom?

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