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Posted by Valerie Ling on June 19, 2020 at 1:35 AM

My love-hate relationship with social media has come to a neat analysis and I am sharing it with you here so it makes sense when you are following Valerie Ling on all the various spaces. Shaped by (strangely enough) COVID-19 experiences engaging in the public space. If you struggle in the Social Media space, this reflective blog might be helpful in working out how to present yourself...


Private: I think it is important to share an authentic version of ourselves in public spaces. For me it is to dispel habits of putting our best, produced, polished selves forward in a kind of public relation filter. I also think it is important, for me at least, to keep a large portion of that private for mental health and a sacred space for our significant friends and family.


Professional: For those of us who are registered legally by a professional body, it is important for us to hold the shape of our professional obligations, and more importantly, if you are a health professional like I am, to lead public health information conscientiously and in good faith. As we have been trained to know, we sit in a position not only of influence, but of power, and we need to use that position wisely and faithfully. This space can be expressed in many ways: writing professional articles, speaking engagements, etc. where we are invited to contribute as content experts. I believe in this space, we want to commit to upholding the professional "working out" of what we say, accepting peer review, robust research and wide reading of subject matter in our area of interest.


Public: What would you say to a crowd of 1000 and how would you say it? What and how would you say it to your 80 year old neighbour whom you respect? This could be on any topic, any modality, for any reason. Sharing tips, knowledge, daily living information and help.


In the middle of this then, for me, comes the Social Media platforms. Of which I have real estate in FB, Insta, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Podcasts, Tik Tok and the WWW.


Thinking this way helps me to figure out what and how to share. Shapes what debate, dialogue and discussion looks like. And helps me to keep my sanity in check.



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