You won't fly if you don't try, and you won't try if you are fried

Posted by Valerie Ling on July 22, 2020 at 8:05 AM

*** You won't fly if you don't try, and you won't try if you are fried ***


It's a little silly sounding....hear me out ...


Two years ago, I stepped out onto a stage for one of the first larger audiences where I would speak about resilience in the face of burnout. I thought I had done a terrible job of it. The main talk wasn't too bad, however, the breakout session I took was a disaster. That's what I thought. People were skeptical, I thought. The exercises I had didn't really work. It all sounded a bit dull and prescriptive. I thought it would be the end of that. The session - well - burnt out!


Two people spoke to me after that session. Both are memorable. One asked if I would remember the children. Here was an adult who had lived through a legacy of tired, distraught, burnt out and difficult family circumstances because the load on their parents was so great. They painted the picture of many other of their peers who had been through similar situations, because their parents had sacrificed everything for others, and their children got very little. As a result, their own development and emotional needs were unmet, leading to mental health difficulties and fractured self and relationships. They begged me to remember the children, and to keep sharing their stories.


The second person, I thought was the most skeptical of them all in the room. They proceeded to tell me that was the best presentation they had heard on the topic and invited me to dialogue with them on a leadership program they were developing. It sounded like a one time gig - and I said "sure!". Several years later, several repetitions of this program, several conferences later, this person sat on a panel of advisers with me this week to encourage further bold steps. Strangely, they are also the one that refuses to let go of the very question I thought they were skeptical about when we do our sessions together. "Just how many hours of work is too many Valerie?". Groan. Here comes the fight in the group!


Making a difference, caring about something, someone, being a voice for change - that all takes trying. Even in the midst of fear and adversity. You won't be able to keep trying if your energy, meaning and people tanks are dry and you are fried. Equally, you won't get the chance to keep connecting, talking, sharing, reaching out, eliciting support if you are fried.


So ..... like the first person who spoke to me. Don't forget who you are caring and advocating for. If it's too hard right now to stop and do it for yourself. Do it for them. Don't get fried.


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