Be sticky!

Posted by Valerie Ling on July 29, 2020 at 8:25 AM

I dream in Post-its ... and I refuse to use the fakes


I love the story of how Post-its were invented. A seemingly useless discovery in a lab and a problem with pieces of paper falling out of a hymnal led to one of the most elegant and useful solutions.


Many fakes have come since. But I can tell you, there is nothing more frustrating than having your ideas and sequences fall apart because the fakes don’t stick and they fall off!!


When I create I use Post-its. They’re moveable, quick to jot on and you can colour code. Simple. Elegant. Agile.


Now they come in much BIGGER sizes (got me one of those) and BOLDER colours. So useful, I bet your home has a stack of them.


Here’s the thing. The size of the Post-it is not the issue. The colour of it is not an issue either. But without the sticky factor - it’s just a piece of paper here today gone tomorrow.


Don’t be that piece of paper. If you want to endure, and persevere, and serve others by your ideas and action, you need to remain sticky.


You do this by ensuring your tanks are filled , your bodies are rested and your mind is clear.


Now go stick it!



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