Feeling like a phoney and a fake

Posted by Valerie Ling on September 10, 2020 at 10:10 AM

For a while I was feeling like a second rate Psychologist and Clinical Supervisor. That's hard for me to write down anywhere - let alone in a public sphere like this.

Moving deep into the burnout space meant I was innovating beyond what my peers and the research were able to provide. I felt completely alone and was searching for something that would help me fix that feeling of being a fake.

It was like I was hurtling into deep space without a tether.

One day I sat down and wrote all the things that I believed negatively about my clinical "worth". It did not matter what anybody else said. It did not matter that we were pioneering into some incredibly meaningful space. Nothing would shift those negative thoughts.

That is when I discovered that it was alright to have these fears, lean into them and put a plan into place. That was the birth of the Growth Plan. Every year since then, by paying attention to those self doubts, I invert it into a wild, adventure in my head for the next book, person, course, experience, experiment to embrace that would totally address and stand those doubts down. When those niggling thoughts return (and they do), it's great to know exactly where your fault lines and vulnerabilities are, and know you have a plan. It keeps you patient with yourself.

What does this growth plan look like?

1. List all of the doubts you have about your abilities

2. Rank them from the least bothersome, to the most

3. Identify ways to address and stand down the top 3

4. Choose a variety of ways - and place them in your year to tick off and knock off.

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