Dreaming Authentically

Posted by Valerie Ling on October 5, 2020 at 5:15 AM

"Dear 2020

This year we flew the kite and expected lift off without mental drag...." Were the words I wrote to myself in projection of what the end of 2020 would look like.

It's been a long weekend here in Sydney, Australia and I have had the best reset.

Then, I decided to revisit a letter I wrote to myself (as I always do each year). It's something I do each quarter, along with the goals and targets for my personal and professional aspirations for the year.

If I were to be honest, I have been dreading reading the letter this quarter. I am in a bit of a desert trying to find my way towards 2021. Let's face it, 2020 was major - no words ... what would I find as I read my letter to myself

I expected to see targets unmet, projects unfinished, ideas unhatched....basically, I was gearing up to be a let down...

Instead, I realised (not sure why I forgot this!!!) I had written out a letter that was deeply anchored in the values, relationships and strongly held beliefs I had. They included my hopes for spiritual growth, staying loyal and true to friends, investing in the difficult parts of my relationships with my loved ones. They included the dreams and hopes I had for others, which included friends and employees alike.

There were some numbers (I do like the data part of things!!), and it went something along the lines of

Meet up with A monthly

Meet up with K fortnightly

Drink x amount of water daily

Exercise x times a week

Grow the business revenue to x

And grow the strength of the team by x

Funnily enough, having the dreams and goals of your year anchored to values, relationships and priorities is a much lighter way to stay positive and grounded. It puts the hard numbers in perspective, and keeps your goals and ambitions tethered to a service and accountability.

Sometimes I get annoyed when I am misunderstood as being provocative or energetic towards a personal ambition. Full stop.

Let me tell you there are far easier things to do on this planet!!

Instead, I think of the drive as being part of a movement. A collective movement. That movement is greater than the sum of one person's ambitions, and must comprise the authentic expression of meaning into purpose, purpose into values, values into behaviours, and behaviours into relationships.

Have you started dreaming this way?

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