Get used to pacing

Posted by Valerie Ling on February 25, 2020 at 3:15 AM

Every appliance I have ever had I am used to taking care of the motor it has so as not to burn it out. Giving them a rest in between high intensity bursts. I get really uncomfortable when I start to sense the motor heating up and I am quick to switch it off.


Do you feel that way about yourself as well? Usually we blame our lousy motor for not being able to keep up. We think we must have some faulty part some where. That other people must be the superior version of human, while we are the defective one. So we need to work harder, push harder.


What's the biggest fear? That we fail? That we confirm the worst fears that we were wrong? That we ARE wrong. That's where it is. The great irony is this - if we do not respect our natural wiring, hardware and software, if we push beyond our limits, ignoring sleep, rest, and simply stopping to breath. If we do this. We will fail. Because our body and our mind will fail us. It will come to a stop because it is worn out beyond exhaustion.


Get used to pacing. I can't tell you the benefits of recognising that rhythm is in everything. The way we walk, the way we dance, the way we sleep, the way we breathe. These rhythms, they pace us so that we can endure. Get used to it. Listen to the rhythm of rest and pacing, and get in tune with your version.


People. Sometimes you just have to stop and pace.

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