Not too bright please,..

Posted by Valerie Ling on May 23, 2020 at 8:45 AM

Not too bright please...


We were due to move to an Asian country, my two toddlers had only known Australia as home. In my eagerness to quell my anxiety about it, I probably projected some things onto what they were feeling. So I painted the future bright. I spoke of playgrounds, interesting food, a country that never slept, beaches, and who know what else. Filled with great anticipation, we left behind home in Australia, all things familiar and set a course. When my son, who was then about 4 arrived in our home - he said, "Mum the walls are all white". What he meant was that in his mind he had forecasted a home that was in constant movement and colour, and all he got was four walls painted white. It wasn't much like what I had made it out to be.


I looked up the top COVID-19 searches in Australia for today. It showed that we are eager to "get back" to the way things were. When can we go fishing again was one of the searches.


The reality is, there is a future to rebuild, and it will be built on the fragility and realisation that a virus almost wiped out life and an economy as we knew it. You don't go back to being the same.


So as you head out, and as you send our young people and children back, stay in the zone of reality, not to bright, not too dreary, but with hope that together we rebuild. When we rebuild, there will be rubble, there will be change, there will also be a sense that we are being renewed.


Many people find that after a disaster they more keenly seek:


1. A deeper understanding of their spirituality

2. Reprioritisation of the things that are important

3. To clarify and strengthen important relationships

4. Deeper understanding of their courage and strengths

5. Purpose and engagement in their world


These are grounding conversations we can have, keeping it hopeful, meaningful, and not too bright.


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