Power Down

Posted by Valerie Ling on September 1, 2020 at 2:10 AM

How do you wind up your day - Sun Set time...Power Down...


So I am sitting here for the last hour just powering down. I had one child who needed some medical attention, as soon as I arrived at work (thanks to his dad who managed to pick up the phone and manage that). That took a bit of deep breathing, and clear-headed thinking to not run straight back into the car and race back to home.


Then a series of meetings in the practice, and much needed brain storming. Followed by some slightly scattered machine gun style work AKA little planning and just getting bits and pieces done.


Then .... comes the time for me to wrap up and go home.


But my mind is RACING. My body is still pumped from the walking, talking, gesturing and ..... yeah ....


Then I know I am straight back into home mode - juggling, attending to the cooking, connecting and (hopefully!) exercising.


So I tell myself - "power down". Decelerate. Slow down to a nice resting pace. Breath slower. Read something nice. Sip that water. Prepare to step into the next transition by closing this space.


Everything that has needed to be done today has been done. Anything that is still needed to be done will be dealt with in time.




Celebrate the wins for today. It's been a good day.






In awe.


TIme to go home.


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