Posted by Valerie Ling on September 4, 2020 at 5:35 AM

I wonder what assumptions you make about:


The family life of your neighbours

The success of your friends

The social life of your FaceBook connections


Do you find yourself thinking you're living a dull, unfulfilled and chaotic life as compared to them?


Do you come down hard on yourself for not doing more, being more to turn that around?


They are common mental short cuts we take and they bias us to be discontent with what we have, hard on ourselves and seeking to grind away at doing more, trying to give more, be more, push more.


Eventually we find ourselves completely disconnected from people are just like us, being authentic in our lives, and sharing the good and the bad times. We opt out of intimate relationships, supportive conversations and fun connections. There isn't any more time.


Our own mindset issues can trick us into moving deeper into that comparative space and soon it isn't supported by truth or fact!


When we intentionally connect with people we trust, people who genuinely know us and support us, they provide us with reflection of truth. They see us for who we are and affirm our intentions. They provide advice, practical help, companionship and support.


Reconnect is an important "R" and often on of the first things to go when we are in burnout and drown out mode.


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