Designing your best day

I structured my day a little different today. I designed my best day and acted accordingly.   A little bit of background….   Preventing burnout is an ongoing exercise. You do not really “land” in no burnout zone. The ingredients for burnout is one part a personality that cares. Cares too much at times. This


It was a long day today, and then I received some really hard news from a family member. I grabbed my coat, my beanie and my husband and headed for a walk. “I need to ask you – do you think I am OK?” Let you in on something I firmly believe. You cannot tell

Hot Chocolate Kind of Tips

Hot chocolate tonic … Today was a weird day. I have been avoiding a media phone call for about a week (yikes!). It was a call that wanted to know my opinion about the impact on this round of lockdown here in Sydney. What was I avoiding? Giving a different perspective I guess. I just

Lockdown takes care of one thing

Have you ever tried to buy a pair of jeans? Or try to take someone to buy a pair? There are so many different varieties and choices. I have it on Google authority there are at least 8 types!  My daughter’s favourite version is the Mom Jeans. It is beyond my comprehension why a 15

Lockdown Tip: Intentionally Slow Down

That’s my personal tip today, and one I am implementing while being in lockdown and working remotely. Apparently a sabbatical does not take into account pandemics and lockdowns Last night an absolute gift came across my FaceBook feed. A live video of someone playing the piano while this mesmerising electronic visual just swirled in and

Lock down roller coaster

As I write this, we are in the midst of a 2 week lockdown in Sydney. Announced within hours of an immediate lockdown. I watched as my social media feed started to pour in with a mixture of responses. Some were voices of encouragement to check in with one another and take care of yourself.

10 Signs You Are Burning Out

Did you know that there has been a 60% increase of people in Australia looking to understand what is burnout? It is heartbreaking, and yet not surprising given the continued pressure of uncertain times and changes due to the pandemic. Often it is hard for us to notice our own levels of burnout. We are


A Tale of Two Robots

My Sunday morning routine includes going to church…but not before I set the two robot vacuums to go. One upstairs and the other downstairs. They do their thing and are clever enough not to fall off the steps. Last Sunday, I noticed that I hesitated with setting Robot#2 off. I bought Robot#2 after I was