The demands are piling, the running around is increasing, whatever good intentions you had to stay well and have some self care patterns has gone out the door. It's hustle, bustle, keep up - help I am drowning. You're juggling those balls and they are falling a helter skelter!

What if I told you there are some simple actionable steps you can take for a mighty bounce back.  Here's what someone who spent some time with me had to say:

"Valerie when I did this with you I did not know that life was going to get so much more harder. Just those two days with you gave me the tools I needed to tackle the year."

Did you get that? They had tools that they could use immediately that lasted the year that came from 2 days of spending time with me.  

I'm going to do 3 days with you giving you...

6 tried and true ways to have immediate relief from burnout

6 different ways to get energy and bounce back

6 different ways to relook some of the habits you have

6 different ways to refocus your weary mind and body

3 days with me supporting you

...and a bonus surprise ....

How this will work:

You will get access to my BOUNCE BACK course which includes very short, absolutely watchable videos (you can play it in the car, or listen when you are going from one spot to another) and very targeted and actionable steps to get some quick energy and bounce in your life,

Each day, twice a day, I will open up the cyber waves via Zoom for a short catchup with me to check in, encourage you, problem solve with you, or just tell you that you are amazing for doing this together!  It does not matter if you cannot make it, it will be recorded, AND you have 2 options in a day to make it!

Then ......there will be a surprise ....  Shhh.... what could that be ....nothing painful I assure you. Its just nice to have a sense of anticipation in your week.

By the end of our time together, you will have actionable, repeatable steps to BOUNCE back whenever you need it.

It's not self care on steroids.  It's more like self care in a capsule.  It is the ABSOLUTE process I use all the time, everyday, every week, every month.  Even my staff and friends tell me which of the 6 I need when they see me needing an energy boost.

It will be refreshing. It will be different.  It will be yours. Forever.'s my BIRTHDAY month ... so I am doing this for a steal a 50% discount for this live round.

Book it in!

September 22 to 24, 2020


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