You’re afraid. That’s the bottom line.
I was listening to a podcast yesterday and the presenter made a bold claim. He said that we are wired to be afraid. Most of our emotional material can be boiled down to being afraid.
Afraid of failing – your partner, your children, your friends, your colleagues, your clients, your team. Such a huge load.
Afraid of looking at how you are feeling square in the face – avoiding a truth that is creeping up on you. Pushing it back so much further and burying it over with busy activity.
Afraid you notice that the pile of activity you have put on is breaking down your body. Your mind.
Afraid you will not feel the peace you need.
Afraid to stop.
Afraid to rest.
How do you get from hiding your fear to working through it? Is it really possible to help you? Do you believe that years of doing things the same way will mean you are incapable of being another way.
It is possible.
This journey won’t be one you take alone. Reaching out and making that one change, a simple change can release you into a type of freedom you forgot you were capable to experiencing.
Here’s my tip for you today if you are feeling afraid.
Do one random act of kindness – for yourself. Yes – for yourself. Feel what it is like to turn the focus from fear of failing others, to fear of failing yourself, and then act in one small direction.

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