Valerie Ling

Clinical Psychologist Pennant Hills, Hornsby and Hills District


Beat Burnout Free Webinar

Are you struggling to work out how to do the work life balance thing?  Are you feeling the end of year burn and barely getting to the finish line.  

Insight is king.  And we need perspective to help us figure out a different way of looking at your workload and how to stay focused and endure so that we can continue to do the work we need to do.

Who am I?  I am a Clinical Psychologist who works extensively and almost exclusively with professionals in burnout prevention and treatment.  You can read more about me here.  I want to see a world where burnout is not something we who care for others struggle with.  To start with your own revitalisation steps, register here and I will send you my FREE webinar on how to stay vital.

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