Valerie Ling's single minded purpose is to eliminate burnout in the world.

Welcome to my personal site.  You are in the right space if you are looking to engage with my thought leadership in burnout and business leadership.  Here is where you can find my upcoming speaking and training events in these areas. 

I am also the founder of two businesses and you can engage me for services other than speaking and coaching here: 

From a Psychologist who knows the cost of burnout

My Burnout Prevention e-book

As a Clinical Psychologist, clergy wife, author, speaker, business owner and mother – burn out knocks on my door everyday. After broadcasting my authentic struggle with maintaining balance, many in my online community resonated with my thoughts. What resulted was a sharing of 6 steps I take to prevent burn out in my own life. I share my gems with you now!

Private Practice Leadership Accelerator


I lead a globally serving psychology practice with more than 20 on our team (Centre for Effective Living) and a workplace wellbeing consultancy (Centre for Effective Serving).

Private practice owners who work with me optimize their team performance, maximize their profits, and foster a meaningful culture through value driven leadership, all the while without burning out.

Applications to be a part of my exclusive Mastermind coaching programme for healthcare professionals who own group private practices will be open for 2023 in the near future. Get on the waitlist now.

10x Credentialled Expert in Leadership Capabilities by Deakin University.

Valerie Ling in the Media

As a recognized expert in the field of burnout prevention, leadership, and business, I have had the privilege of being interviewed by major news outlets such as BBC World News, Ticker News, and radio stations. My expertise has also been featured in numerous publications, and I have been a guest on various podcasts to discuss topics related to burnout, leadership, and business. It is an honor to share my knowledge and insights with others through these media channels and to help individuals and organizations prevent burnout and achieve their business goals.

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