In 2020 I noticed that I was feeling a sense of weight that was stemming from needing to find space to clarify what was already in place - a "pandemic" of exhaustion in our community.  Adding the COVID-19 pandemic brought these fatigue levels to a new place.  I was concerned that we were heading for disaster zones in our wellbeing.  After much discussion with my family, team and advisers, I decided to take a clinical sabbatical in 2021.

This means that I will not be taking on individual clients.  I decided that I would mentor and supervise the clinical practice of the clinicians in my team, first to make sure that they were travelling well, and then to input into their practice everything I know and have learnt about burnout into their own practice.

Throughout 2021, however, through our sister company Centre for Effective Serving, which is our education, training and consulting arm, I will be popping up to continue to input into your world for A world without burnout.  I will continue to provide seminars, webinars and group programmes in 2021 while I constantly update all that I learn in my sabbatical into our programmes.

The first event to launch is up and ready for booking. I would love to spend a lunch time with you just walking through the main ways I have found to be effective in setting up my year (and the year of others who have worked with me) in creative and easily implementable ways to curb burnout.

I really hope to see you there February 4th 2021.

For details and bookings please book here: