Lessons learned from space and Star Trek

Space, the final frontier…

There’s something about exploring the unknown, learning new things, challenging what is known and discovering new ways. This fascination explains my interest in Star Trek, which I thought would mean I liked all types of science fiction. This proved to be untrue. After asking for book recommendations in the genre, I discovered I just like Star Trek and its ordered, command-based world. It’s one that unites people and beings all around the galaxy for betterment, advancement and collaboration.

Just recently I tried to figure out how I could apply this interest to my daily life. I asked the question, “Am I more like a space station, or a shuttle craft?”

A space station drills deep

A space station, in my mind, stays put and does deep work. You drill down into one community, one target interest, one focus area. In some ways I identify with this deep dive, as there is only one of me and not that many hours in a day!

A shuttle craft explores

A shuttle craft, on the other hand, goes out and explores a great variety of things. It perhaps does not delve too deeply into them, but can bring them back to the space station, or indeed any entity keen to invest in the deep dive.

With the space station there is focus, with the shuttle craft there is variety.

Why not create space for both?

As I posed my question to a few friends, someone wrote back – be both. Not DO both. BE both. In a few words, I suppose they had encouraged me to consider that even my paradigm was limiting. What was stopping me from acting in the space of curiosity and commitment to be in both spaces?

Some of the time, I suppose, it’s the lack of energy to believe it’s possible. And, as I’ve realised lately, the pandemic has limited my opportunities to connect with other people who are being both, and integrating self, focus, time and energy.

So, in a nod to Spock, here’s the place for logic: opportunities to connect are increasing, and energy is rechargeable.

We need to put into place the right well-being strategies as well as the plans to revitalise our energy. We can then have the time and space to work on the integration of interests, growth needs, and key areas of focus.

These are important spaces to create.

If you are a private practice leader looking to integrate self, leadership and strategy, let’s chat about this. Just book in a no-obligation discovery call and who knows what exciting new journey you will embark on from there. 

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