Lockdown takes care of one thing
Have you ever tried to buy a pair of jeans? Or try to take someone to buy a pair? There are so many different varieties and choices. I have it on Google authority there are at least 8 types!  My daughter’s favourite version is the Mom Jeans. It is beyond my comprehension why a 15 year old would want to wear something with that label.
Last night we went to the supermarket to pick up some essentials. Behold! Some of the shelves were empty! It was an interesting exercise to see what choices people make for essential food. Meat pies, flour, bread, mince, toilet paper. It made our shopping somewhat easier, as there were only a few things you could pick up as a result. We spent less, because there was less choice.
During lockdown, our choices are quite streamlined. Right down to the essentials. There’s only one type of coffee to have – the one I can make. One main clothing priority – tops. One environment to get ready for – home. Whatever you have in the pantry to eat.
It’s like an enforced brain vacation. It is also a great mood enhancer – IF we reframe it in our mind that we get the chance to invest and savour the limited choices we do have. For example, if you only had coffee, tea or milo in the home – the taste, smell, and feel of just one of those is so distinct and pleasurable to focus on. If you are choosing between your putting on socks or socks to walk around the house, you get to focus on just the colours, textures and feels available to your feet. If you have the piano, painting or puzzles before you, each of those activities have an augmented sense of joy – different ways to use your body, your mind, you eyes.
My thought for you today is to enjoy the streamlined, stripped down choices before you and experience incidental focus.

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