The Ministry Resiliency Webinar Series

Join me for 5 special webinars as I broadcasted from my home on 5 topics close to my heart.  Being a Ministry wife and a Clinical Psychologist who works closely with Clergy, cross cultural workers and their families, I will bring you the research and practice to resiliency in the gospel worker.

This is an area of work that is my main clinical focus and have spoken to hundreds of clergy, clergy spouses and clinically worked with families both in local and cross cultural work to help them stay resilient.  You can also watch my video as I share my personal story in this area. Oh! And you can also read what others have said about me here!

Webinar 1: An Overview of Resiliency in Gospel Ministry: Looking at key research findings in burnout and resiliency in clergy and walking through practical strategies to stay resilient.

Webinar 2: Resiliency in The Cross Cultural Worker: Looking at the unique factors related to staying resilient in cross cultural ministry.  If you are someone who serves overseas, or are supporting someone who does, this will provide a researched look into staying resilient.

Webinar 3: Resilient Ministry Kids: How can we help children who are part of a ministry family thrive? We take a look at a framework and strategies to help them feel part of the picture.

Webinar 4: Personality Traps in The Ministry Life: A look at the key personality factors that can impact our service and burnout.

Webinar 5: Ministry Hacks: Productivity and work: Top tips from my work with ministry workers on how to stay productive in the midst of demanding schedules

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Each webinar is $45 + GST with an option to purchase the whole series at $250.00 + GST meant for individual or family viewing.  If you are looking at having your church or leadership team view the webinars, there is an UNLIMITED site license for all 5 webinars and you are free to purchase this for use with any number of people in a group.  The recording and resources will be emailed to you once your purchase is confirmed.

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