Valerie Ling

Clinical Psychologist Pennant Hills, Hornsby and Hills District


Moore College Stress Management and Resilience Groups

***This is a special group programme for enrolled Moore Theological College students only****

The pressures start as a student as you prepare yourself for the ministry world, and as you take on internships and student ministry roles.  Valerie is introducing a 6-week group (spouses would be able to attend as well) that will cover strategies, skills and resilient mindsets to address:

1. Maintaining a resilient ministry posture

2. Managing time and boundaries through a values driven diary (basically learning how to say No!)

3. The personality traps that trip us up in ministry

4. Managing conflict

5.  Realistic expectation setting

6. Maintaining optimal mental health

These sessions are open to all Moore College students and their spouses.  You do not have to have seen a Psychologist or Counsellor before to benefit from the sessions.  The groups will not be therapy groups, but skill-building groups.  If you are currently on a Medicare mental health care plan because you are seeing an individual Psychologist, you may be able to have a Medicare rebate on these sessions and would be highly valuable as complementary input.

  Cost is $40 per session for individuals and $70 per session for couples. Medicare rebates that apply would rebate more than half the fee.