Usually delivered live with interaction and input from Valerie for $2000, you will receive a recorded version for your team to implement and host yourself within your organisation.

An in-service workshop with your leadership, administration and team to infuse burnout prevention methodology into your high performing team: * Dissecting where the personal and organisational leak for burnout is * Mapping and sealing the key resourcing areas for burnout prevention both individual and organisational * Infecting your team with courageous convictions to endure 

For in-house practitioners - looking at how your therapy burnout prevention resources are looking from what we know in research and theory.  Putting this all into practice so you can take away some specific, easily implementable strategies to keep you in good shape to keep providing key mental health services.

Module1: The Resourcing Model of Burnout Prevention
Module2: Putting Theory into Practice: Your own Burnout Prevention Audit Part 1
Module 3: Putting Theory into Practice: Your own Burnout Prevention Audit Part 2 (more emphasis on clinical burnout)
Module 4: Therapist Burnout: Facts , Strategies and Your Solutions

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