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Dear Capacitator!

Yes you! You are your own battery source and also, I bet, giving a bunch of energy out to a lot of people. Of course you are! That's why you light shines bright, and why - at times you start to see that light flicker.

Let Me Guess...

Things are changing rapidly, you were not fully charged when the year began, and it's looking like you're going to be maxed out...again....  You say to yourself you will just get to the end and then you can collapse.  You say you will plan better for the new day.  Just let me get some rest and recovery and I will definitely have a better perspective.


You're not quite sure how you landed up this maxed out in the first place.

So you are not alone if you have arrived at this point.  There isn't the space or time to try to figure it out how or why.  You wonder if anybody else feels this way.  You're a little embarrassed about how it got this way.

You're also starting to feel fearful guilt that your family are going to miss out on your time and presence....again...

Let me help you...I work with my clients in the area of burnout prevention and treatment.  These days I like to call it EXPANSION work.  Because my aim is not to shame you into thinking less of yourself. My aim is to increase your positive view of yourself and see that you GIVE because you CARE. You DO because you want a BETTER tomorrow. You are feeling this way because you pummel through barriers and reserves to leave something worthwhile behind.  I never, NEVER met a lazy person who was afraid of burning out. I never, NEVER met a selfish person who was burning out.  I never, NEVER met at incompetent person who was burning out.

So I want to empower you to EXPAND your view of yourself. EXPAND your view of your life's and work's purpose. EXPAND your ability to do more by being weightless in the flow of your energy and resources. 

So here is what you get in the 6 modules:

* Small bite sized chunks of content to work through 

* Figure out your self care patterns and leaks, build your personal arsenal

* Get very clear on why you do what you do so you can keep returning to this picture

* Map out your Personal Resources: The key areas to tank up if you want to stay vital.  

* Work Resources:  Learn and apply  the key productivity and work resources that helps keep me sane, and I pass them on to you

*Personal insights on how you work best

* Let go of the guilt of feeling like you are running on empty by discovering how you can do more with less

* Get back at least one day in the week for you!

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Please Resource Me!