Valerie Ling

Clinical Psychologist Pennant Hills, Hornsby and Hills District


Resource Me: 12 Weeks To A More Balanced You

Let Me Guess...

It's the beginning of the year, you're back into the swing of things, and it's looking like you're going to be maxed out...again....  You say to yourself you will just get to the end and then you can collapse.  You say you will plan better for the new year.  Just let me get some rest and recovery and I will definitely have a better perspective.


You're not quite sure how you landed up this maxed out in the first place.

There isn't the space or time to try to figure it out.  You wonder if anybody else feels this way.  You're a little embarrassed about how it got this way.

You're also starting to feel fearful guilt that your family are going to miss out on your time and presence....again...

Let me help you...I work with my clients in the area of burnout prevention and treatment.  These days I like to call it Revitalisation work.

You see, burnout comes from the idea that the very thing that sets you aflame consumes you - so you literally burnout.  Revitalisation means we re-ignite that flame, without letting it consume you.

In 12 weeks here is what you will get:

* Exclusive access to content that is specifically derived from burnout treatment and prevention work

* Exclusive access to a community who are working out their own stuff and they get it

* Support from a community as they exchange ideas and ask questions to get moving and not drowning

* 12 weeks to ask your questions and get them answered.

* Figure out your self care patterns and leaks, build your personal arsenal

* Get very clear on your GRIT Position.  Clarify what your main purpose and grit space is, figure out what your current GRIT quotient is and implement the boost

* Map out your Personal Resources: The key areas to tank up if you want to stay vital.  What does research and clinical experience say.  And it's not about bubble baths....Know how your personality and your environment interact.  Know what you need to stay tanked up. 

* Work Resources:  Learn and apply  the key productivity and work resources that helps keep me sane, and I pass them on to you

You won't miss out on anything in the 12 weeks as all material will be recorded. You can either watch and work through it live or engage with the recorded material.


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