Valerie is a highly sought after and engaging speaker. To have her come to your event click below for the topics she speaks on.

Burnout Prevention Plan

Using psychometric testing and clinical interview, Valerie can work with you to customise your own Burnout Prevention Plan.

Online Consultations

Geography is no barrier. If you require input into your resiliency and need help from burning out, Valerie can work with you wherever you are.

Training Programmes

If you need that extra boost of information and self-help material, why not attend one of Valerie's Webinars or Training Groups.

In Person Therapy

Valerie's diary is often packed out, if none of the other offerings suit you, send her an email and she may have a spot if you are burning out and needing help.


Have an interest in burnout prevention work? Like the idea of empowering health professionals, clergy and cross cultural workers to be restored to meaningful service? If you are a Psychologist looking for supervision in these areas, speak to Valerie as she is a Board Approved Supervisor.