Valerie Speaks On....

Valerie has spoken to hundreds of people on her topic of passion - Resiliency and Burnout prevention in:
Healthcare Professionals
Cross Cultural Workers

She is also often invited to speak on Parenting, Emotional Health, Pastoral Care and Women's issues.


“For the past two years Valerie Ling has presented to our entire College body on mental health and resilience. Mrs Ling ‘s input has been universally well received as she:

i. understands the world of her audience; in this case the theological student and pastor

ii. is a clear and engaging presenter

iii. is on top of her topic, both in breadth and depth of the issues

iv. is sensible in her suggestions of what is required for people in a variety of situations

v. provides helpful and achievable processes for individuals to make progress in these matters

We intend to have Mrs Ling deliver sessions like this every year.

Valerie has also proved an invaluable resource in helping Moore College develop its thinking and support processes in the care of its students during and beyond their College education. Her concern for their wellbeing is matched by her evidence-based clarity and wisdom.”

Rev Archie Poulos Head of Department of Ministry

Moore Theological College

Director of Centre for Ministry Development

“Valerie is a Clinical Psychologist, with a wealth of counselling experience and a passion for training Christians and Ministry workers in building resilience and avoiding burn-out.  She gave information on the physiology of Anxiety and Burn-out and gave us tools for dealing with these in more positive ways.

Valerie is an engaging speaker who has the gift of bringing humour and down to earth insight into a difficult and painful subject.”

Debra Tattersall

Presbyterian Women's Teaching and Training Event

"It was a real treat to have Valerie assist with the Developing Rectors Program. She is passionate about the issues of burnout and establishing the right foundation for the intense service that can be involved in pastoral ministry. She is so well researched and read, and it is delighted to engage in conversation to challenge our preconceptions - all the while being driven by a wonderful desire to help people start in the right place and run for the remaining decades of their working life. All present were helped to think more about their ministry sustainability, including the other presenters.We look forward to Valerie being a regular part of our self management module."

Rev Raj Gupta

Developing Rectors Programme

Centre For Ministry Development

"We had the pleasure of having Valerie present to our teaching and non-teaching staff a professional learning seminar- Resilience in Ministry. We found that Valerie was a very engaging presenter who was knowledgeable about issues surrounding those in ministry. She discussed the issues and then gave positive strategies that enable ministry workers to develop resilience.  If you choose Valerie as a key note speaker, mentor or workshop leaders you will delighted with the impact she makes to your community."

Dr Tina Lamont
Lead Principal for the Pacific Regional Schools
Director of The Excellence Centre


"Her seminar demonstrated a depth of professional experience and thoughtful preparation. As a speaker, Valerie is warm, passionate, genuine and clear. We highly recommend you experience the encouragement of her talks for yourself."

Brisbane Ministry Wives’ Network

"We approached Valerie Ling, having heard her speak at a few different events for Christians on resilience, stress, and depression. Her seminar was full of professional and practical wisdom and the latest research....sharing her personal perspective was an effective way of communicating the message... in a way that made it flow naturally, and was easy to hear. We'd love to have Valerie speak again this year on a different topic, but unfortunately she's all booked up!"

Tara Stenhouse

Randwick Presbyterian Church