The demands are piling, the running around is increasing, whatever good intentions you had to stay well and have some self care patterns has gone out the door. It’s hustle, bustle, keep up – help I am drowning.

What if I told you there are some simple actionable steps you can take for a mighty reset.  Here’s what someone who spent 2 days with me said “Valerie when I did this with you I did not know that life was going to get so much more harder. Just those two days with you gave me the tools I needed to tackle the year.”

Did you get that? They had reachable tools that they could use immediately that lasted the year.

What are these tools – my 6 R to reset burnout levels that I use every single day. It is always in my tool kit, and I want to give them to you.

What you will get:

6 evidence based ways to have immediate relief from burnout

6 different ways to get energy back

6 different ways to relook some of the habits you have

6 different ways to refocus your weary mind and body


Dear Capacitator!

Yes you! You are your own battery source and also, I bet, giving a bunch of energy out to a lot of people. Of course you are! That’s why you light shines bright, and why – at times you start to see that light flicker.

Let Me Guess…

Things are changing rapidly, you were not fully charged when the year began, and it’s looking like you’re going to be maxed out…again….  You say to yourself you will just get to the end and then you can collapse.  You say you will plan better for the new day.  Just let me get some rest and recovery and I will definitely have a better perspective.


You’re not quite sure how you landed up this maxed out in the first place.

So you are not alone if you have arrived at this point.  There isn’t the space or time to try to figure it out how or why.  You wonder if anybody else feels this way.  You’re a little embarrassed about how it got this way.

You’re also starting to feel fearful guilt that your family are going to miss out on your time and presence….again…

Let me help you…I work with my clients in the area of burnout prevention and treatment.  These days I like to call it EXPANSION work.  Because my aim is not to shame you into thinking less of yourself. My aim is to increase your positive view of yourself and see that you GIVE because you CARE. You DO because you want a BETTER tomorrow. You are feeling this way because you pummel through barriers and reserves to leave something worthwhile behind.  I never, NEVER met a lazy person who was afraid of burning out. I never, NEVER met a selfish person who was burning out.  I never, NEVER met at incompetent person who was burning out.

So I want to empower you to EXPAND your view of yourself. EXPAND your view of your life’s and work’s purpose. EXPAND your ability to do more by being weightless in the flow of your energy and resources. 

So here is what you get in the 6 modules:

* Small bite sized chunks of content to work through 

* Figure out your self care patterns and leaks, build your personal arsenal

* Get very clear on why you do what you do so you can keep returning to this picture

* Map out your Personal Resources: The key areas to tank up if you want to stay vital.  

* Work Resources:  Learn and apply  the key productivity and work resources that helps keep me sane, and I pass them on to you

*Personal insights on how you work best

* Let go of the guilt of feeling like you are running on empty by discovering how you can do more with less

* Get back at least one day in the week for you!


Usually delivered live with interaction and input from Valerie for $2000, you will receive a recorded version for your team to implement and host yourself within your organisation.

An in-service workshop with your leadership, administration and team to infuse burnout prevention methodology into your high performing team: * Dissecting where the personal and organisational leak for burnout is * Mapping and sealing the key resourcing areas for burnout prevention both individual and organisational * Infecting your team with courageous convictions to endure

For in-house practitioners – looking at how your therapy burnout prevention resources are looking from what we know in research and theory.  Putting this all into practice so you can take away some specific, easily implementable strategies to keep you in good shape to keep providing key mental health services.

Module1: The Resourcing Model of Burnout Prevention
Module2: Putting Theory into Practice: Your own Burnout Prevention Audit Part 1
Module 3: Putting Theory into Practice: Your own Burnout Prevention Audit Part 2 (more emphasis on clinical burnout)
Module 4: Therapist Burnout: Facts , Strategies and Your Solutions


Concrete Steps provides you with 6 vital steps in your mental health recovery without waiting to see a psychologist.

You will learn:

  • how to optimise your mental health
  • take charge of those negative thoughts
  •  sleep and eat better
  •  improve and stabilise your mood
  • develop skills to feel grounded when worried and overwhelmed
  •  learn immediate emotional and stress relief skills. 

Designed to save you time in your therapy journey by taking care of the essential ingredients covered in the first sessions of seeing a psychologist. 







Burnout Prevention Webinar: For Therapists

Burnout is now an official. Glad to hear it. I have been working in this space for a number of years. I keep hearing about therapist burnout, and a bunch of ideas – some true, some from experience, very little from the research. If you would like to have the opportunity to know: 

1. What to do in session to reduce the likelihood of burnout and vicarious trauma 

2. What to do in between sessions to enhance sure-footed resilience as a therapist 

3. What you can look at within your work environment to enhance therapeutic endurance 

4. What skills and practices I personally use in my professional life and 7-practitioner private practice 

Then this is for you. This is a 60 minute recorded webinar from a live event.  

The Ministry Resiliency Webinar Series

Join me for 5 special webinars as I broadcasted from my home on 5 topics close to my heart.  Being a Ministry wife and a Clinical Psychologist who works closely with Clergy, cross cultural workers and their families, I will bring you the research and practice to resiliency in the gospel worker.

This is an area of work that is my main clinical focus and have spoken to hundreds of clergy, clergy spouses and clinically worked with families both in local and cross cultural work to help them stay resilient.  You can also watch my video as I share my personal story in this area. Oh! And you can also read what others have said about me here!

Webinar 1: An Overview of Resiliency in Gospel Ministry: Looking at key research findings in burnout and resiliency in clergy and walking through practical strategies to stay resilient.

Webinar 2: Resiliency in The Cross Cultural Worker: Looking at the unique factors related to staying resilient in cross cultural ministry.  If you are someone who serves overseas, or are supporting someone who does, this will provide a researched look into staying resilient.

Webinar 3: Resilient Ministry Kids: How can we help children who are part of a ministry family thrive? We take a look at a framework and strategies to help them feel part of the picture.

Webinar 4: Personality Traps in The Ministry Life: A look at the key personality factors that can impact our service and burnout.

Webinar 5: Ministry Hacks: Productivity and work: Top tips from my work with ministry workers on how to stay productive in the midst of demanding schedules

Each webinar is $45 + GST with an option to purchase the whole series at $250.00 + GST meant for individual or family viewing.  If you are looking at having your church or leadership team view the webinars, there is an UNLIMITED site license for all 5 webinars and you are free to purchase this for use with any number of people in a group.  The recording and resources will be emailed to you once your purchase is confirmed.

Recorded Webinars
Resiliency in The Cross Cultural Worker $45.00 AUD Resilient Ministry Kids $45.00 AUD Personality Traps In The Ministry Life $45.00 AUD Ministry Hacks! $45.00 AUD An Overview Of Resiliency in Gospel Ministry $45.00 AUD Recording of All Webinars $220.00 AUD Site License (Unlimited Audience all 5 Webinars) $350.00 AUD

Caring for our Clergy and Ministry Teams

Caring for our Clergy
This is a webinar recording of a live event with Valerie Ling during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the issues she raises is relevant even outside of the pandemic.  Highlighting the core issues in ministry burnout and resiliency and providing insight into what our clergy need most from us

Ministry Marriage Enrichment Series

Join Valerie Ling over 2 webinars using the gold standard Gottman approach to:

1. Look at implementable strategies that have sound research to help your marriage be strong, healthy and thriving

2. Know and identify the 4 ways conflict in marriages escalate 

3. Learn strategies to remain connected even while in conflict

4. Implement ways to learn your spouse’s key connection and emotional needs

5. Know the research behind marriages that end

What you will get:

1. A booklet with the key points and exercises for you and your partner to work through with implementable steps

2. Time together to discuss – no breakout rooms, only discussion between you

3. A time to connect with one another and prioritise your marriage

These webinars were recorded during a live event.

About the Gottman approach:

John and Julie Gottman are a husband and wife team with over 40 years of research and 3,000 couples to back what is widely accepted as the gold standard for marriage therapy.  There methods and strategies are specific, effective and highly regard in the psychology world.


Refresh Ministry Wives Retreat

To give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate. To revitalize, revive, restore, brace, fortify, strengthen…

Does reading that list leave you feeling like you want more?  It’s worth taking the time to make it happen.  Yearly I have a personal retreat which helps me to process my experiences, spend time reflecting on the important reactions, developments and relationships in my life and prepare myself for the season ahead.  
With this purchase you will get a self-guided retreat booklet to work through. Book yourself in or grab a few friends to do this with at a location you choose, or do it at home. Be sure to get some time off though so you can truly RETREAT.