Who This Is For:



3 hours and 40 minutes

How Much?


The demands are piling, the running around is increasing, whatever good intentions you had to stay well and have some self care patterns has gone out the door. It’s hustle, bustle, keep up – help I am drowning.

What if I told you there are some simple actionable steps you can take for a mighty reset. Here’s what someone who spent 2 days with me said “Valerie when I did this with you I did not know that life was going to get so much more harder. Just those two days with you gave me the tools I needed to tackle the year.”

Did you get that? They had reachable tools that they could use immediately that lasted the year.

What are these tools – my 6 R to reset burnout levels that I use every single day. It is always in my tool kit, and I want to give them to you.

What you will get:

6 evidence based ways to have immediate relief from burnout

6 different ways to get energy back

6 different ways to relook some of the habits you have

6 different ways to refocus your weary mind and body