Valerie Ling's single minded purpose is to eliminate burnout in the key serving professions. 

She does this through her personal work in coaching Private Practice Owners to get out of Prison to Freedom and by leading her two businesses:

Private Practice Leadership coaching from my 7-figure practice experience

Managing Cancellations

How do we move from fear to planning. Taking data that we get from our practice, clients and the internet to make a strategy for our team and regain sleep and control.
At the height of the pandemic our practice saw enquiry fluctuations and cancellations like we never had. We had to manage it through a process of leadership and collaboration. The process we learnt earned me the Deakin University Adaptive Mindset in Leadership Expert credential. Here is what the assessors had to say:
“You have shown an excellent ability to adapt. You demonstrated with examples how you looked at your business data and analytics to to get to the bottom of the problem to be able to arrive at a viable and flexible solution. You demonstrated candour and your ability to convey messages and to communicate with your team. Well done.”

Private Practice Leadership Accelerator


I lead a 7-figure globally serving psychology practice (Centre for Effective Living) and a workplace wellbeing consultancy (Centre for Effective Serving). I help private practice owners get out of the doing hamster wheel, not burnout, gain financially and have personal freedom.

Applications to be a part of my exclusive Mastermind coaching programme for healthcare professionals who own group private practices will be open for 2023 in the near future. Get on the waitlist now.

10x Credentialled Expert in Leadership Capabilities by Deakin University.

From a Psychologist who knows the cost of burnout

My Burnout Prevention e-book

As a Clinical Psychologist, clergy wife, author, speaker, business owner and mother – burn out knocks on my door everyday. After broadcasting my authentic struggle with maintaining balance, many in my online community resonated with my thoughts. What resulted was a sharing of 6 steps I take to prevent burn out in my own life. I share my gems with you now!

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