Eliminate burnout and build a legacy

We lead private practice owners out of prison and into freedom by sharing our very own methods and tools. We don’t believe in gate-keeping so that practice owners can run a smooth business with fulfilled teams.

Real practices, real results

Valerie successfully runs 2 practices with a combined 7+ figure turn over.

  • The Centre for Effective Living (a Psychology and Mental Health service)

  • The Centre for Effective Serving (a Workplace Wellbeing Consultancy)

“Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time soul searching, studying and applying different methods to get myself out of the repeating cycles of being a practice owner AND a practitioner. Burn out is real and there are solutions out there to improve not only the business but also the lives of the people within the business. That’s why I dedicated myself towards helping practice owners to end this cycle. When you’re able to go on that dream extended holiday with no fires to put out, that’s when you know you’ve truly created a healthy legacy.”


Managing Cancellations

How do we move from fear to planning? Use existing tools to smooth out cancellation issues and regain your sleep and control.

Leadership Accelerator

Join other private practice owners to access all of Valerie Ling’s IP in running a successful private practice where you can balance not only your work-life balance, but also your team’s.

Business Coaching

Tailored specifically for practice owners and teams, we develop a workplace wellbeing strategy to level-up your executive and leadership capabilities.

Burnout Prevention

After broadcasting my authentic struggle with maintaining balance, many in my online community resonated with my thoughts.

Speaking Events

Valerie is a sought after speaker by health professionals, clergy, cross-cultural workers, chaplaincy and educators to present industry specific research and strategies in burnout prevention.

Dr Burnout Podcast

Valerie has worked with agencies to create and implement wellness programmes that target systemic burnout from trainees to professional carers.

Why build a legacy?

Legacy building isn’t just about make something out of your name. It’s about creating a healthy workplace for your team and providing ways for your team to feel fulfilled. Practice owners should be able to take an extended holiday without the business crumbling to pieces.

I'm ready to build my legacy

There’s a big difference between building an empire vs a legacy. You can build the best practice in the world but it’s the empowering of the people that makes all the difference. Having transformed various practices, Valerie tailors her coaching and training to make your practice a living legacy.

Labour shortage and constant burnout is something we’ve all felt. So how can you find the right talents who fit your practice culture? How do you ensure that they remain loyal and most importantly, fulfilled in their role?

Valerie believes in sharing all that she knows in building and running successful practices. Having the right foundation is paramount for providing a seamless experience for both your team and your patients. Get Valerie’s IP in systems, manuals, procedures and in-house tools you need.

“As a health care professional, I don’t want professionals to just copy me. I want professionals to join the think tank and generate innovation with other like-minded practice owners. We are always better together.” – Valerie Ling

The true measure of your success after all the coaching and implementation is you as a practice owner being able to take that dream extended holiday. When you achieve this, it is proof that you’ve built a self-running practice with a meaningful legacy.

My Approach & Philosophy

It took me a few job roles to get to this point. From consulting, organisational psychology to working internationally, I was interested in startup situations and tinkered with new innovations looking to help people work out their career fit, and to optimise their talent capital to bring out the best in the work.

I was helping organisations to optimise their human resources capital, but I could not stop thinking about the individuals I was meeting. They had families. They had aspirations. They were people beyond the job.

I was drawn into their worlds and their complex situations. I wanted to be a part of their journey to growth and development.

Over the years, I have worked in private practice seeing a range of Clinical clients. I built a private practice and was joined by other Psychologists.

Then I was a Business Owner, Clinic Director and Psychology Board of Australia Supervisor for early career Psychologists. I currently lead 3 businesses that turnover 7 figures combined.

I am released out of my psychology practice to now help other healthcare professionals and private practice owners to achieve profitable, purposeful, burnout proof organisations so that we can continue to serve our communities.

Speaking Reviews