Eliminate burnout and build a legacy

In today’s fast-paced world, the intensity of daily demands often leads to burnout. It’s not just about the stress of the present; it’s the weight of the future. But I believe that burnout is not an option.

If you’re seeking a life where you can make a lasting difference, leave a legacy, prioritize your health, and thrive without burning out, you’re in the right place.

Real practices, real results

Valerie successfully runs a globally serving psychology practice, is a wife, mother, ministry partner and clinical psychologist.

Burnout comes knocking at her door …everyday…

“Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time soul searching, studying and applying different methods to get myself out of the repeating cycles of exhaustion and burnout. Burnout is real and there are solutions to improve not only your life, but the lives of those you lead and love. You only have to take the first step – believing that burnout is not the end game”


Professional Supervision

Valerie provides professional/pastoral supervision for senior leaders through her consulting arm The Centre for Effective Serving. Blending her 25 year career in clinical psychology and her decade long experience in the leadership sphere, she is well positioned to walk the reflective path with leaders.

Clinical Psychology Services

Valerie leads and award winning psychology practice in Sydney – The Centre For Effective Living, and they serve a global community blending Valerie’s burnout prevention approach with gold standard clinical psychology practices.  

Private Practice Leadership Coaching

Tailored specifically for practice owners and teams, Valerie has a range of coaching solutions to help you scale and lead your team effectively without burnout.

Get the book

After broadcasting my authentic struggle with maintaining balance, many in my online community resonated with my thoughts.

Speaking Events

Valerie is a sought after speaker by health professionals, clergy, cross-cultural workers, chaplaincy and educators to present industry specific research and strategies in burnout prevention.

Dr Burnout Podcast

Valerie has worked with agencies to create and implement wellness programmes that target systemic burnout from trainees to professional carers.

Why build a legacy?

Legacy building isn’t just about make something out of your name. It’s about ensuring you endure so that you can build something that endures, and leave behind a legacy of change. You will not build a legacy if you burnout.

I'm ready to build my legacy

My Approach & Philosophy

I have a Masters in Clinical Psychology and a Masters in Leadership. You know what is the one thing I have learnt in both those degrees? We look at the wellbeing of the people we serve and lead, and we rarely ask the question of what do the leaders need?  It seems amazing to me that we do not stop to ask that question.  Yes. Put the oxygen mask before you help others.  Has anyone looked to see if the pilot has theirs on?

Blending my clinical and lived experience in leadership I aim to faciliate:

  1. Evidence based wellbeing practices in leadership
  2. Self awareness and self leadership
  3. Practical resourcing of leaders to flourish

I do this by listening very well to your situation and your context, and providing well researched frameworks and approaches to work with you and your team.

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