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Make the transition from a health practitioner to a business leader. True success is building a legacy without burnout.

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Running a private practice and going on a 3 month holiday is a rare sight. Valerie Ling takes us through her journey of successfully running 3 businesses that turnover 7 figures. It took her years of studies, trial & error to finally crack-the-code in running a practice without being IN the business.

She’s helped countless practitioners come out of their cycle of burnout and into a seamless system of running a practice whenever, and wherever.

The Private Practice Leadership Accelerator will give 5 chosen members to work closely with Valerie Ling. She’ll share her methods extremely generously in various live settings and through a massive library of up-to-date content.


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Ready to take yourself to the next level? Get ready to experience Valerie Ling’s approach to building a successful legacy in your private practice as a business. Take-in her candid and strategic tips on transitioning yourself as a practitioner to a leader who no longer has to work IN the business.

It’s time to say goodbye to burnout and hello to a happier and healthier private practice.

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Private Practice Leadership Accelerator

This exclusive program gives you 12 month access to a wide range of master group sessions, tools and training modules.

Members will gain access to Valerie Ling’s intellectual properties from her business that are relevant, realistic and immediately applicable to your health practice.

5 Members Selected per Year into Coaching

1:1 Mentoring

7+ Figure Global Practice

10x Leadership Credentials


1:1 and group coaching sessions on a weekly basis tailored to your practice


90 Day Strategy & Planning with Valerie Ling on your business


Access to proven systems, manuals and procedures designed for practices

Online Course

Bonus access to Valerie Ling’s popular coaching courses

Marketing Plan

Partnering with Valerie’s team to gain access to best-practice digital marketing 

Mastermind Group

Connect with other members and network with like-minded leaders

Team Leadership

Bonus team integration with Valerie Ling for a hands on approach


Recruit not only the best but the right people using our recruitment strategy

Private Practice Leadership Accelerator




Ready to accelerate your business for that long holiday?

If you're ready to take that next step in your health practice to finally be able to take your dream holiday, join the waitlist!

Meet Valerie Ling

From being lost to leading people into fulfilment.

It took me 5 tries in different careers to finally find my passion. From music, law, education, organisational psychology – I started my soul searching journey feeling quite lost about my purpose.


One thing I knew for sure was that I love solving complex problems and helping people so I took a leap into Clinical Psychology. I transitioned from treating patients to helping practitioners because I understood the importance of our own mental well-being as practitioners. Burn out doesn’t just exist in patients, but also in practitioners and I couldn’t fathom seeing other practitioners falling into the same repeated cycles.


As we lead our patients into a better outlook in life, it’s just as important for practitioners to spend quality time with their families and pursue their aspirations. Being in a healthier mindset is nothing but positive for both your patients and your team.

Why Choose Us

Empowering Practitioners in Business

Experienced Mentor

Having successfully built health practice businesses generating a combined 7+ figure in revenue, we share our methods and tools for your business to thrive.

Mastermind Group

It’s not all about driving revenue. We make sure you have the right recruits, training, systems and processes so that every team member including yourself can achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Team Leadership

We’re in the business of helping practice owners build a legacy where the team is happy and collaborative, and where the business owner can take an extended holiday knowing their business can run smoothly.

Leadership Accelerator Testimonials

Allie Mackay

Allie Mackay Psychology

Where were you in May 2022?

I was exhausted after having worked continuously for 24 months during the Covid lockdown, pivoted to online delivery and worn down because despite having advertised for 12 months on paid sites including Seek, Linked In and Indeed I had No applicants.

In April I had Covid, then my husband did, and then our son, so I had to isolate and couldn’t work.

I was worried about revenue.

At the same time my referrals were growing, I personally was not able to service them all and my books were closed.

My Virtual Assistant team was floundering to support me with their own team constantly affected by Covid related absences and calls were being missed and clients complaining. I was doing everything in the business – clinical work with up to 40 clients per week, social media marketing, accounting ( I even did the timesheets and reconciliation for the subcontractors), recruiting, writing my own contracts and developing my own materials for client related courses).

If anyone with a psychology degree had approached me in that month I would have offered them a job without asking any further questions! I was feeling quite desperate to meet the financial needs.

By May I was tired, really worried about the future of the business and doubting the wisdom of my decision to expand.

Where are you now, 3 months later?

  • I no longer do my day to day accounting, reconciliations, chasing invoices or inputting of other people’s timesheets!
  • I am now more hopeful about the future of the business.
  • I have more clarity about what is needed to make it work.
  • I have cleared a day a week next year ongoing to work on the business rather than doing clinical work.
  • I have collected a lot of data – about the attitudes and expectations of my current team.
  • I now understand with more clarity the business model that will work better for me.
  • I am starting to understand and speak in the public space in my professional voice.
  • I am hopeful that I can now pursue meaningful work that has a mixture of training, consulting and clinical work as well as running the business.

What were some tangible gains?

  • My team now includes employees!
  • I have sourced and hired a bookkeeper to do my BAS and payroll;
  • I hired an HR company to write my contracts, benchmark salaries, induction procedures. and ensure fair work compliance;
  • I have met twice with a new accountant for my tax and business planning.
  • I now have three additional clinical /support team members to assist with administration and marketing as well as take on some client paid work. 
  • With a team our business has created a better looking social media presence, creating content for courses to manage the needs of the waitlisted clients, and seeing clients themselves. They are working with me to develop clearer client intake procedures and client care.

What are your biggest gains since being in the programme?

  • Less time on the accounting side – about 3 hours/month and 6 hours/quarter saved.
  • Much more idea about what is needed to run a private practice ( I had completed other training before but it doesn’t go into any of this information at all)
  • The change to who I looked for in new employees and how I approached the recruitment processes – allowed me to recruit 3 new income earners.
  • The support from Valerie about the market, about what to look for in new hires, attitudes of team players, and development of a vision statement with values clearly stated has helped me draw my own lines about who I want to employ.
  • My leadership attitude has changed (is changing) from the desperate what can i do to get more people to work for me to what can THEY do to develop my business. This is my biggest mental shift.

What you are looking forward to in the coming months?

  • Owning and being proud of my business again and developing a workplace culture that reflects my values.
  • Growing my benevolent leadership skills – finding what sort of feedback I need to obtain from team members to ensure they feel part of ‘us’, how often to touch base etc.
  • Expanding my professional voice as a supervisor/consultant – webinars

Tehani Gunasekara

Project Wellbeing

What has it been like to have early entry to the accelerator program?

It’s been incredibly helpful. The online trainings are informative, inspiring and help to set the foundation for the practice. Valerie is so responsive and so knowledgeable. I’ve already implemented a lot of positive changes in the practice. The support from Valerie is invaluable!

What has it given you that you think others would be interested in?

Valerie’s wealth of knowledge and experience and being able to draw from that. The opportunity to look at the big picture of the practice and develop important leadership skills to lead the team better.

Speaking & Conference Testimonials