Author: Valerie Ling

Lessons learned from space and Star Trek

Space, the final frontier… There’s something about exploring the unknown, learning new things, challenging what is known and discovering new ways. This fascination explains my interest in Star Trek, which I thought would mean I liked all types of science fiction. This proved to be untrue. After asking for book recommendations in the genre, I

Small steps to recover joy

I have been taking some steps towards recovering the creative aspects in my wellbeing plan. I was stuck for a while without realising why. Having done some journalling, the answer became clearer. In the last few years of a pandemic and other stressors, it seemed trivial to bring out the creative side. It felt like

Check in with others to show your support

A couple of years ago I attended a conference about support for first responders. What really stood out to me was the focus on creating a culture where people check in on one another. For first responders, expressing difficult emotions or distress can be seen as weakness. There is often a culture of pushing through

When “I’m fine” isn’t fine for those around us.

Is “I’m fine” something you say when asked how you are doing? To convince yourself? To ward off further questions? Curiously, when I looked up the definition of the word ‘fine’ it can either mean ‘of very high quality’ or ‘very thin and narrow’. Perhaps you are able to produce very ‘fine’ work. Perhaps you

Disruptions to work flow do not have to be normal

I was on a walk with someone the other day. When they made a statement that seemed to be universally true. Except, it was not all that true for me. “Don’t you find it’s hard to be productive when you are leading a team due to all the disruptions you get from email, messages, phone

You’re a good leader when you inspire movement

When you think of a leader, who comes to your mind? It’s not just the corporate or national leader.  I would include teachers and parents as examples in this list. Leadership is a process. Anyone can fit this role. Anyone can develop in this role. Some of us will need help and ongoing coaching to

Self-care helps us stay the course

I’ve had two great events already back from sabbatical, both of them at seminaries. The questions put to me on both days have been thought provoking, and I’d like to unpack one in particular. The students I addressed are preparing for a life of service in Christian ministry. Most of them would have come from

Slowing down and starting back up

February 4th 2022. A whole month of the new year is already gone! I am learning not to look back or to look too deep into the future. It is something that I keenly observed during the sabbatical I took. Recap: I took 12 months off to pursue a Masters of Leadership degree and spend