Lock down roller coaster
As I write this, we are in the midst of a 2 week lockdown in Sydney. Announced within hours of an immediate lockdown. I watched as my social media feed started to pour in with a mixture of responses. Some were voices of encouragement to check in with one another and take care of yourself. Some were voices of discouragement for plans cancelled and the revisiting of a bleak time. Some were of relief for days spent in our pyjamas. Some were factual, a blow by blow account of the the update. Then there were the pictures of the supermarket shelves, disbelief, opinions and debates.
It’s going to be a roller coaster. That’s for sure. We will experience all of these emotions and reactions. That is normal. What we can do is to not get too caught up in the stages, and allow these thoughts and feelings to come and go as they need to. This is what happens in adjusting to a sudden change.
Here are 4 things I would pass on:
1. Watch the roller coaster as an observer. You might be in it, don’t get too concerned with the various reactions of the people around you. Be curious as you observe your own thoughts and reactions to it. Then let it pass as an acceptance of being human in the midst of change.
2. Head for the basics. Eat at the time you normally would. Plenty of water.
3. Slow down and stay present. Touch the things around you. Inhale deeply. Look around you with observation, letting go of analysis
4. Make time to smile and connect with people you love and enjoy.
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